Banking on Green Businesses: UGEFA at Annual Bankers Conference 2021

Banking on Green Businesses: UGEFA at Annual Bankers Conference 2021

The UGEFA team published a paper in the 2021 Annual Bankers Conference magazine under the title "Banking on green business. Leveraging opportunities of the 4IR to operationalise green finance for SMEs". The paper explores how the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) presents a unique opportunity to leverage the value and data generated by SMEs to enable the financial sector to invest in green growth and inform how we move towards a green and inclusive economy in Uganda. 

The Annual Bankers Conference started in 2017 and it is now a signature industry event on the Ugandan Bankers' Association's (UBA) calendar that brings together regulators, practitioners and various industry experts from international, regional and national spheres involved in facilitating and delivering financial and banking services, to discuss issues, trends, drivers and the dynamics that are increasingly shaping sustainability strategies in banking, finance and the overall development ecosystem.

Read the full paper here.

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The Ugandan Bankers' Association has partnered with UGEFA to deliver the Green Finance Academy trainings with innovation lab. Further details on the Green Finance Academy here.