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Catalyser workshops for the second group of SMEs

Catalyser workshops for the second group of SMEs


The second group of UGEFA-supported SMEs started the hands-on interactive Catalyser workshops, where enterprises work with peers on key topics for financial readiness and growth and benefit from expert business advisory. These workshops, for 8 groups of around 10 SMEs, are running from September 2021 to February 2022. UGEFA Business Advisors from Challenges Uganda, Enterprise Uganda, Ancywax, Renewable Energy Business Incubator, Reign Business Development Agency and BLEGSCOPE are passionate to support green enterprises scale up their businesses.

On a series of 5 UGEFA Catalyser workshops, the selected enterprises refine their business model, financial systems management and their impact measures. They take part in top tier business development support and hands-on interactive capacity building to develop a solid growth strategy and investment proposal. This knowledge prepares the enterprises for scale, while ensuring that they are all set for the loan application.

During the first workshops, enterprises were really keen to bond and create partnerships with one another. In general, participants were very engaged and proactive participating in the sessions. As Business Advisors reported, there were lots of energy in the workshops and peer exchange on common challenges and sharing of solutions. Enterprises were also very open to share challenges and seek guidance for their problems from the expert business advisors.

All enterprises in the cycle have now been working on their growth strategy and financial plans, as well as ideation around green investments for their projects. Lively discussions on potential sources of financing and accessibility of different financing options have been happening in the different workshop groups.

Meet the 121 UGEFA-supported SMEs in this video.


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