Introducing 82 newly selected green businesses joining UGEFA


We are glad to announce that, following our second call for applications, a new group of 82 green enterprises have been accepted to join the 6-month UGEFA Catalyser with loan matchmaking!

Newly selected businesses are innovating waste management in Uganda: Lanic Enterprises Limited produces organic paper from locally sourced organic materials such as cotton, banana and pineapple fibres, rice straws and recycled paper; Aquila Recycling Industries diverts tonnes of plastics from the municipal landfills in a sustainable, profitable and environmentally friendly manner; Upcycle Africa trains unemployed youth, women, teenage mothers, and widows to transform post-consumer plastic bottles into eco-friendly building materials to construct eco-homes for poor communities at affordable prices.

Others are ensuring equitable access to clean energy solutions: Pearl Entrepreneurs Academy (PEA) delivers solar lanterns, low emission cook stoves, and ceramic water filters to underserved markets in last mile communities; Eco-Agric Uganda trains local communities to use energy saving cook stoves, and promotes use of water filtering technology; All in Trade delivers photovoltaic, and wind projects, power backup systems, LED Lighting and power protection devices ranging from domestic to large-scale solutions at affordable prices.

Many of the businesses are transforming their sectors entirely, demonstrating that “green” is much more than we might initially think: Gorilla Summit Coffee sustainably produces, processes and sells single origin, traceable coffee, uplifting smallholders to receive a fairer price within environmentally sustainable export supply chains; Advantage Safaris offers eco-safaris and eco-lodge and treetop accommodation in Uganda and Rwanda while employing local people, particularly women.

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