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SME Stories: How does UGEFA support green SMEs in Uganda?

Published: 04 May 2021

If you want to know how UGEFA is supporting green SMEs in different sectors in Uganda, what better than hearing it from them directly? Three of the enterprises that are part of the UGEFA programme explained how they are being supported and the aspects they find key about this boost.

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Meet our Business Advisors: Reign Business Development Agency (REBDA)

Published: 04 May 2021

Reign Business Development Agency (REBDA) is the development arm of Reign Group Limited. Reign has been busy the past few months working with the first cycle of UGEFA-supported enterprises as UGEFA Business Advisors. We caught up with Simon Abias to learn more about his experience as a UGEFA Business Advisor and within his broader work at Reign.

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Good Morning Uganda: Sustainability of Green SMEs in Uganda

Published: 04 May 2021

"We need to demistify what green is". If you are looking for a clear explanation of what green SMES are, and the services that UGEFA offers to them in Uganda, this is the interview you should watch. Our team's Green Finance specialists, Fred Opio and Barbara Akello were interviewed on UBC television's Good Morning Uganda to talk about discounted loans for green SMEs in Uganda.

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UGEFA at National Corporate Book Launch Dialogue on Plastic Waste Management

Published: 01 May 2021

The National Corporate Book Launch Dialogue on Plastic Waste Management, book titled "Wealth from Plastic Waste 2nd Edition”, was launched at Makerere University.

UGEFA was invited to participate in the corporate national book launch event that was organized by the Country Director Plawaste Consult Limited Mr. Tumusiime Kenneth Ahimbisibwe on 30th April 2021 at Makerere University, Kampala – Uganda.

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