We support enterprises like you to develop business and financial plans needed to access financing and scale your environmental and social impacts. We provide group-level and one-on-one support through a comprehensive and finance-focused accelerator programme.

By building a strong foundation for growth and increasing financial systems and capacities, the Uganda Green Enterprise Finance Accelerator facilitates access to tailored loans for green SMEs with growth potential and provides direct acceleration support.

Are you ready to grow ?

Apply to join a cohort of the Uganda Green Enterprise Finance Accelerator today. Register your interest on our platform to access the application form and materials. We look forward to your application!

The Green Enterprise Finance Programme


Application Process

The UGEFA Programmes will run yearly (until 2023) with four Call for Application windows. To submit an application form, enterprises need to provide details of their:

  • current business model
  • team and expertise 
  • financial systems 
  • and investment plans. 

Enterprises can attend our UGEFA information sessions for tips and insights for submitting a compelling application. Only fully completed and submitted applications will be accepted. We particularly welcome applications from women-owned or women-led enterprises. 

Please note, that we can only accept applications submitted during our Call for Application periods. If there is no Call for Application open at the moment, please register interest and we will reach out once the next window opens.


Catalyser Programme

The UGEFA Catalyser workshops are hands-on interactive workshops, where enterprises will work with peers on key topics for financial readiness and growth. Among other topics, the Catalyser workshops cover:
  • financial systems management
  • financial systems capacities
  • growth strategy
  • and financial modelling and planning

Groups will be facilitated by experienced business development advisors, using easy-to-use practical tools to dig deeper into aspects of the business model and pave the way for growth.

The support is modular and tailored to the needs of each individual enterprise. It provides excellent internal team building and networking opportunities. Enterprises that have successfully applied for the UGEFA programme can tap in to a vast pool of expertise and experience and benefit from toolkits, which have been tested and proven successful by green enterprises around the globe.


Accelerator Programme and Loan Facilitation

After a successful completion of the Catalyser programme, enterprises will be matched with our partner banks to access loan facilities designed to meet their financial needs. The loan application process is supported by our experienced team of advisors.
Our support doesn’t stop once the loan has been approved - we keep supporting enterprises as they take action to accelerate business growth. 

During the accelerator support, UGEFA provides targeted one-on-one support with experienced business development support advisors, focused on helping enterprises invest in their growth. This support includes:

  • strengthening financial management capacity and systems according to financial institutions requirements
  • advancing and validating the enterprise growth strategy
  • investment roadmap and testing financial assumptions.