We believe in the power of green enterprises to achieve environmental and social impact, and with UGEFA we are creating a solid foundation for their growth.

The UGEFA programme supports green Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) through group and individual sessions to develop business and financial plans needed to access financing. Moreover, UGEFA increases financial systems and capacities and facilitates access to tailored loans for SMEs with growth potential.

What is a green enterprise and why do they matter?

Climate change is the world's greatest threat in the twenty-first century. There is ample evidence that SMEs are crucial to achieving the net-zero and are well-positioned to contribute to climate change adaptation. On the other hand, SMEs have more significant climate change risks than bigger organizations.

Unlike larger companies, smaller businesses rarely have access to cash reserves or influence over increasingly complex supply chains.


UGEFA supports green and inclusive enterprises to bring their solution to scale and to become the spearheads of green growth in Uganda.

Green enterprises we support

The future is green, and small-and medium-sized enterprises are leading the way. UGEFA-supported businesses are innovating products and services that meet current demands while preserving valuable natural resources for future generations.

The UGEFA programme supports enterprises from green manufacturing (including agro-processing), clean energy, waste management sustainable tourism, and sustainable transport sectors. Meet some UGEFA-supported enterprises here.
Enterprises are currently supported by UGEFA
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Videos from Enterprises

Enjoy videos direct from UGEFA-supported enterprises - sharing their enterprise journey, including challenges and successes in scaling their positive environmental, social and economic impacts.

MICE Uganda: UGEFA Experience

GO5 Packaging: UGEFA Experience

Meet our green enterprises: What is a "green" SME? - Gorilla Conservation Coffee

How does it work?

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1. Registration & Application

2. Catalyser Support & Loan Application

3. Accelerator Support

We can only accept applications submitted during our four Call for Application periods. The Application cycle is closed at the moment, but you can register interest.
Hands-on interactive workshops, where enterprises work with peers on key topics for financial readiness and growth.
Our Accelerator Programme will provide growth and investment support to successfully scale your enterprise.
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Learn more about how we can support you!

Register your profile on the UGEFA platform. Tell us a bit about yourself and your enterprise to benefit from our Green Financing Facility and finance-focused business development support programmes.

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Catalyser Support

Join the UGEFA Catalyser!

During a series of 5 UGEFA Catalyser workshops join your peers to refine your business model, financial systems management and your impact measures. Take part in top tier business development support and hands-on interactive capacity building to develop a solid growth strategy and investment proposal. Prepare your enterprise for scale, while ensuring that you are all set for your loan application.

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Apply for a loan

Time to ignite your growth plan! Share your enterprise financing needs and growth plans and we will match you with a partnering bank to apply for a loan tailored to your needs.
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Accelerator Support

Join the UGEFA Accelerator!

Once your loan application has been approved, you can join tailored one-on-one support to manage growth, financials, and impact to take your enterprise to the next level.