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Fostering Green Job Growth: Enhanced Financing Support for Ugandan SMEs

Fostering Green Job Growth: Enhanced Financing Support for Ugandan SMEs

UGEFA offers enhanced financing support for Ugandan green Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) through its Accelerator Programme. The journey commenced with the convergence of two new cohorts for their inaugural workshops at the Innovation Village in Kampala, taking place on August 28th to 29th and August 31st to September 1st, respectively. These cohorts represent a select group of 20 enterprises, all graduates of UGEFA's Catalyser programme.

What's New in the UGEFA Accelerator Support? Each of the Accelerator tracks are tailored to address the unique needs of UGEFA’s Catalyser graduates, offering support over an extended period of up to five months:

The Accelerator's "Business Scaling Track" addresses enterprises that have recently secured financing. This track focuses on guiding enterprises to effectively use their funds, implementing their investment projects, and strategizing for future business growth

The Accelerator "Investment Strategy Track" complements UGEFA’s acceleration support, targeting enterprises that faced barriers in accessing finance. With this track, UGEFA supports participating enterprises in refining their investment strategies. The ultimate aim is to guide them towards securing financing through the UGEFA Loan Facility, unlocking untapped opportunities for growth.

Besides the invaluable benefits of networking and co-creation with like-minded enterprises within each cohort, the newly designed Accelerator support stands out by the personalised support and guidance provided by our dedicated UGEFA Business Advisor Team and the newly established Accelerator Master Business Advisors. This unique approach sets UGEFA's new Accelerator Support apart by offering tailored guidance on finance-related queries and questions related to the individual loan application processes.

We are excited to embark on the Accelerator journey together with UGEFA-supported SMEs! Stay tuned for more updates on the progress and success stories that will undoubtedly emerge from the UGEFA Accelerator!


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