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Environmental conservation is a human responsibility: Cenergy Global Ltd

Environmental conservation is a human responsibility: Cenergy Global Ltd

Cenergy Global Limited was founded on the premise of preserving the environment. Eva Zansaanze, Project Manager of the enterprise, says that the company has invested in planting candlenut tress that are used as raw material for beauty care products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and create cross generational wealth for rural farmers.

Located in the suburbs of Kampala - Kansanga, Ggaba roda, the enterprise has been in operation for the last 10 years. The realisation that environmental degradation threatens many livelihoods inspired Zansanze and her team to start an enterprise that offers an alternative to products that damage the environment.

“Our business began in 2009 upon a realisation that we are facing environmental degradation and increased air pollution that is causing unknown illnesses,” says Zansanze. She adds that unpredictable weather is resulting into unseasonal floods and droughts in most parts of the country. “Once fertile land becomes barren, it doesn’t yield food, which threatens our livelihoods,” she says. Furthermore, Zansanze believes that Cenergy’s products offer a solution to rural women and children that had for long suffered from skin conditions such as fungal infections.

Although it is often challenging for start-up enterprises to access finance, Zansaanze’s business seemed to have a great kick-start, as she accessed finance from two banks which eased the take off stage.

“We approached two banks that successfully gave us money for tree planting and production machinery. We also used some of our personal funds to recruit farmers who have up to date planted 700,000 trees. These are sufficient to produce one million units of beauty care products a year,” she narrates.

The enterprise has contributed to environmental conservation through tree planting. In addition to the environmental impact, Cenergy also empowers the farmers in the community who get an income from supplying the raw materials needed for production of the beauty products, hence, bettering their families.

In 5 years, Zansaanze envisions an enterprise with 10,000 empowered rural farmers, one million candlenut trees planted, and 50,000 units of beauty products for a sustainable business.

On UGEFA’s impact on the enterprise, Zansaanze shares how the Catalyser has helped them improve their book keeping, opened the business up to great marketing tools, and access to finance opportunities.


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